Wint Wealth rolls out new campaign #MisSellingKaTimeJayega

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© Provided by The Financial Express The video highlights how youngsters opt for the latest investment ‘fad’ without researching the risks involved

Zerodha backed Wint Wealth has launched a new ad campaign titled #MisSellingKaTimeJayega, to promote transparency in investment for all retail/new investors. The intent of the ad is to highlight the importance of making an informed investment decision by knowing all the risks involved in alternative investment avenues, the company said in a statement.

The new ad is live on Twitter and Youtube. According to Ajinkya Kulkarni, co-founder, Wint Wealth, there is a growing need for financial literacy, especially amongst youngsters. “The rapid evolution of fintech companies in the wealth management landscape has made investing more convenient at the click of a button. This is great from a financial inclusion perspective. But there is a growing concern that a lot of new-age investors are just jumping onto the latest bandwagon without giving much thought on the risks involved and consequences in the event of a market crash. The rap in this video explains the same in a fun way that will have a good connection with youngsters,” Kulkarni added further.

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As per the company, globally, new avenues of investment like Cryptocurrency have helped people make money overnight, but making profits is very different from building wealth as a balanced portfolio is the key rule of investment. “Regulating the cryptocurrency market is the need of the hour as it is not easy to differentiate fake cryptocurrencies from real ones. The latest Squid Game inspired crypto scam where investors lost about Rs 25.3 crore is a lesson for everyone to keep in mind. Wint Wealth has launched a video highlighting how youngsters are opting for these unregulated avenues just because of the hype around it that makes it seem ‘cool’,” the company added further.

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