U.S. stocks have rare down day, Dow Jones tumbles 211 points

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NEW YORK, New York – Stocks fell across the board in the United States on Wednesday as inflation fears took hold.

The Dow Jones registered the most damage, sliding 211.17 points or 0.58 percent to 35,931.05.

The Nasdaq Composite fell 52.28 points or 0.33 percent to 15,921.57.

The Standard and Poor’s 500 eased 12.23 points or 0.26 percent to 4,688.67.

On overseas markets, the FTSE 100 in London dipped 0.49 percent. The German Dax was flat, rising just 0.02 percent. The CAC 40 in Paris, France dipped 0.06 percent.

On foreign exchange markets, the euro was weak at 1.1321, but above earlier levels. The British pound firmed to 1.3490. The Japanese yen rose to 114.13. The Swiss franc was modestly stronger at 0.9279.

The Canadian dollar dropped sharply to 1.2611. The Australian dollar weakened to 0.7263. The New Zealand dollar was steady at 0.6996.

On Asian markets, the Nikkei 225 in Japan dropped 119.79 points or 0.40 percent to 29,688.33.

The Australian All Ordinaries declined 43.10 points or 0.56 percent to close Wednesday at 7,204.00.

The Hang Seng In Hong Kong dropped 63.70 points or 0.25 percent to 25,650.08.

China’s Shanghai Composite, going against the trend, rose 15.58 points or 0.44 percent to 3,537.37,