i24NEWS explores Israel’s innovations in alternative meat

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Israel’s alternative meat industry recorded over $114 million in investments during 2020

Israel, a nation typically known for developments in its high-tech and start-up sectors, is also serving up innovation in a different field – the alternative meat market.

The country has become an industry leader in alternative meat products, growing to meet a global rise in demand, which is expected to reach a value of $155 billion by 2027.

Data from 2020 shows that over $114 million in investments were made into Israel’s alternative protein industry, which is estimated to grow at a rate of over 150 percent each year.

“It’s growing exponentially, it’s unbelievable,” Anya Eldan, vice president of the Israel Innovation Authority, told i24NEWS.

She detailed that Israel is ranked second in absolute number of alternative protein companies.

Israel’s alternative food firms are additionally taking on the dairy industry, drawing support not only from plant-based diet advocates, but also the environmentally conscious.

“Using animals to make food is not a sustainable production system,” Aviv Wolff, CEO and co-founder of alternative dairy company ReMilk explained to i24NEWS.

“We currently use 50 percent of the world’s habitable land to grow… animals for food,” Wolff said.

“Obviously, we don’t have enough land to grow our food,” he added, citing findings that this number is expected to double in the future.