Can a Tesla mine cryptocurrency?

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If cryptocurrency mining consumes so much time and energy, why not tap into the battery of your EV while you’re not using it? Turns out, a number of people have tried it, but some say it’s just not worth it.

CNBC recently reported that Tesla owner Siraj Raval regularly uses his 2018 Model 3 to mine cryptocurrency while it’s parked in his garage. He has done so in a few different ways, including plugging an inverter into the power socket in the center console to power his Apple Mac mini M1 while it mines. He’s also connected graphics processing units (GPUs) to the internal battery via the “frunk” and done it that way. Raval reports making $400 to $800 a month this way.

Other Tesla owners that CNBC spoke to, however, weren’t entirely convinced. EV dealer Chris Allessi said he gave it up because the profit wasn’t worth it. “Did it work? Yes. Did it mine anything worthwhile to be able to be profitable in any way, shape or form? No,” he said. He pointed out that it also puts a lot of wear and tear on the Tesla, which are not cheap vehicles, and could void the warranty. “The difficulty is so high. I could make more money working at McDonald’s.”