Making money: five alternative investments for 2022

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Investing in art “may be a great idea if it’s something you truly love”, said Amy Bergen on MoneyUnder30. However, it “can be risky, so you need to do your research”. Art is a long-term investment and profits won’t happen overnight. “Experts recommend art investment for patient investors with a time window of ten years or more, so think long term,” she added.

Historically, investing in art was “something only the nobility and the wealthy enjoyed”, said Jarvis Dobrik on ValiantCEO. However, the emerging market for digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has seen more companies, auction houses, artists, celebrities, collectors, and investors “getting in on the act”. Some investors are seeing “considerable returns” on their crypto-collectibles and other digital assets. Is NFT art a good investment and can you make money? The answer is yes, Dobrik said. NFT art can be considered a “short and long-term investment”.