HappyNest App launches round-up feature marrying daily spending with long-term investing

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NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HappyNest Holdings, Inc. announced their Loose Change feature today, making it the first real estate investing app to offer round ups. The program allows customers the option to marry their spending with investing in real estate every time they shop. This new feature provides HappyNest customers with another way to grow their long-term savings without having to think about it.

“We are on a mission to make investing in real estate available, affordable and easy for everyone regardless of income”.

“Four out of five millionaires make their fortunes through real estate”, says Jesse Prince, CEO of HappyNest, “we are on a mission to make investing in real estate available, affordable, and easy for everyone regardless of income. Our Loose Change feature allows our customers to round up their spending while growing their investment portfolio.”

Some of the unique features and benefits of the Loose Change Program include:

  • Link your bank account or credit card to the program. All fees waived.
  • Users can choose to multiply their savings opportunity by 10X with the accelerator feature.
  • The average investor using Loose Change saves over $30 more per month

“By offering our customers an easy, hassle-free way of saving, we provide them the ability to grow their nest egg by purchasing shares of quality real estate usually reserved for the 1%”, explains Prince. “At HappyNest, we believe everyone deserves the same opportunity to live financially happier lives and now anyone with a smartphone can enjoy the same benefits of this safe and secure investment for as little as $10.”

Loose Change is currently available to all customers at no fee. For more information on the Loose Change program, visit www.myhappynest.com.

HappyNest is a fast-growing real estate company that provides access to high-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities to non-accredited investors starting with $10. HappyNest’s portfolio of properties leased to Fortune 100 brand-name companies including FedEx and CVS allows customers to invest in companies they know and trust without the risks associated with stock market volatility. The HappyNest fund is currently producing 6% annualized income distributed in quarterly dividends, and investors may participate in future appreciation for the properties the funds own.

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