Multi-Asset Investment Platform eToro Adds Metaverse 'Smart Portfolios'

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eToro, a multi-asset investment platform, who is set to go public via a merger with blank-check company FinTech Acquisition Corp V (NASDAQ:FTCV), rolled out smart portfolios for metaverse investors.

The development comes as part of eToro’s vision to meet empower people to grow their knowledge and wealth; with MetaverseLife, investors are exposed to stocks and crypto-assets from within the growing metaverse industry.

Included in the portfolio are Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Roblox Corp (NYSE:RBLX), and other blockchain-based investments in Decentraland (CRYPTO: MANA), Enjin (CRYPTO: ENJ), and The Sandbox (CRYPTO: SAND).

“[W]hen evaluating the investment opportunity of emerging industries, diversification is key as not everyone involved will be a winner,” said Dani Brinker, head of investment portfolios at eToro. “By packaging up a selection of assets in a portfolio, we’re doing the heavy lifting and enabling our customers to gain exposure to the metaverse and spread the risk across a variety of assets.”

Why It Matters: The addition of emerging assets and ecosystems like the metaverse, eToro is acting in line with its commitment to make trading accessible to anyone, anywhere, and reduce dependency on traditional financial institutions.

“eToro is a crypto pioneer with an established track record of embracing new technologies for the benefit of retail investors,” said Tomer Niv, the director of Global Crypto Solutions at eToro. “We are excited by the opportunities offered by the metaverse.”