Innovators: David Silver Has Forged a Path in Cryptocurrency Litigation During 'Wild West' Era

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David Silver is a founding partner at Silver Miller, where he’s used innovative litigation strategies to represent hundreds of cryptocurrency users allegedly deceived by cryptocurrency exchange operators and blockchain start-ups, including Cryptsy, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex and Bittrex.

What innovative steps did you take during 2021, and what were the effects?

Silver Miller continues to bring cutting edge lawsuits on the forefront of cryptocurrency litigation. Protecting investors has always been a mantra of Silver Miller. In recent years—which encompassed the early Wild Wild West of cryptocurrency—bad actors have tried to take advantage of people in new and technologically-creative ways. To counteract those new methods of fraud and theft, we have used and developed cyber-investigative techniques that track bad actors and stolen assets across digital blockchains to identify both those bad actors and locate and recover those stolen assets. As a result of our efforts, hundreds of millions of dollars of stolen assets have been located, secured and rightfully returned to their legal owners.

Innovation often refers to technology, but means more than that. What are some routes to effective innovation that might be overlooked?