Which Sports Betting Apps Support the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency is a new trend in India and getting very popular. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency invented and one of the most trusted and widely used cryptocurrency. 

Recently, bookmakers have started supporting the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for deposits or withdrawals from the online betting apps. 

Sports Betting Apps That Support Bitcoin Payments

While multiple online betting apps are accepting Bitcoin as cryptocurrency, they have different sets of games and features and are unique in different ways. Let’s explore a few:

The Betway app which is the widely known betting App in India accepts the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for payments and is well-known for its simple and beginner friendly user interface. 

22bet app which is one of the best to provide a great collection of sports games compared to the other bookmakers in the sportsbook accepts the payments through the Bitcoin crypto.

The newly launched Parimatch app in India also accepts Bitcoin. The betting app is great in providing sports promotions and offers. 

4rabet app is one of the specialized sportsbooks in cricket betting that accepts deposits and withdrawals by Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

The Asian betting app, Fun88 also supports the payments through bitcoins and has a fun sportsbook to explore. 

Bitcoin is widely accepted by most of the bookmakers and is one of the fastest and easiest ways of transacting on the sports betting apps. This is because it removes the third party from the middle, for example, the bank. 

The transactions are automatically carried forward to the authorized receiver who is identified by the blockchain technology and is the only one who can receive the intended payment. This makes it very convenient for the players. 

Why Are the Sports Betting Apps Supporting Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is combinedly born from three technologies namely blockchain, decentralization and cryptography. 

The major acceptance of Bitcoin in the sports industry is that it allows the players to bet anonymously. The Indian players can also make the payments through traditional methods like cards or e-wallets like UPI but the privacy of the user gets hampered as all these are either processed by banks or contain your names and track records. 

Transfers through Bitcoins are authorized and anonymous and maintain the safety and privacy of the transactions on the betting apps. Apart from Bitcoin, many similar cryptos like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. are used to make deposits or withdrawals on the sports betting apps. 

The Final Words

We cannot deny the fact that cryptocurrency is gradually becoming more relevant over the traditional payment methods. The Indian government is also fascinated by this technology and we hope they will soon plan to regulate or normalize its usage in India. 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins help the Indian players to make the transactions smoothly on the international betting apps and maintain their privacy. Bitcoin transactions are considered the fastest and one of the most secure transactions. 

While many betting operators support the bitcoin cryptocurrency for sports betting, it becomes essential to compare the betting apps features and functionalities before making your cho