Veloce Capital Announces New Flexible Investment Options

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For New and Seasoned Investors

HACKENSACK, N.J., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 25, 2022, Veloce Capital, a real estate investment firm, expanded its current offering to non-accredited investors. With over 10 years in the space, Veloce Capital has created a SEC/FINRA regulated equity fund that allows any investor with $5,000 to invest along-side of high-net-worth and institutional investors.  Veloce Capital structured this fund to focus on mitigating risk, protecting investors capital, and creating more opportunity for diversification of their investment portfolio.

Alternative investing from traditional Wall Street options through Veloce Capital targets high-yielding returns.

In addition to the regulated equity fund, Veloce Capital’s debt offering is available to accredited investors, in which they offer fixed returns starting at 8% per annum, paying out installments monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Veloce Capital also has traditional equity and syndication offerings open to accredited investors. 

Formerly restricted to high-net-worth individuals, alternative investments have become more readily accessible to individual investors as part of a diversified investment strategy. As a result, alternative investments in real estate have entered the mainstream and gained popularity quickly for a variety of reasons:

  • Real estate investment funds provide investors access to non-correlated assets that aren’t affected by public markets.
  • Real estate investment mitigates risk by hedging against inflation— when the prices of goods and services increase, home values/rents tend to correlate.
  • Real estate options can yield high returns if investors choose to invest with the right company — Veloce Capital specializes in opportunistic real estate projects that seek to revitalize under-developed urban and opportunity zone markets across the United States.

Veloce Capital’s sourcing strategy leverages an expansive partner network of high-return real estate projects supporting their central fund. They have access to a robust pipeline of lightly marketed and off-market investment opportunities. This enables tactical allocation of capital in different areas across the U.S. Veloce Capital originates and partners in the development of real estate investment opportunities in the following real estate segments:

  • Single-family planned developments
  • Multi-family Developments
  • Distressed assets or notes
  • Ground up construction projects

The team at Veloce has extensive experience in structuring and financing complex real estate transactions. Their process is based on the principle of hands-on entrepreneurship, institutional execution, and data-driven analysis. This allows them to deliver consistent profits for their investors.

About Veloce Capital: Veloce Capital is a full-service investment firm focused on alternative assets backed by real estate. The core focus at Veloce Capital is to source, analyze, and make investments in opportunistic and distressed real estate that offers the potential for growth, capital appreciation, and the preservation of principal. Their expert team is dedicated to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition, redevelopment, and development of high-quality, well-located real estate that has targeted high-yielding returns.

With over 50 years of collective experience in investment management, sourcing, negotiating, and executing private equity and debt deals, their professionals offers a broad range of real estate investments and strategies tailored to the investor.

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