Warren Buffett weight loss

That caught your attention, right?

Most of you know that Warren Buffett is one of the richest persons in the country, right up there with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Warren earned his wealth “the old-fashioned way.” Starting from humble beginnings, his strategy was to invest in stocks based upon diligent research, long-term projections and realistic expectation.

What he did not do is flip bankrupt companies, hype fake stocks, dupe investors or manage insider-trading hedge funds. Warren was straight-forward and realistic about the world of investing.

OK! What does that have to do with weight loss? Actually, quite a lot.


Many of us are making “weight loss” a priority this summer, just like we have for the past several summers. And, again, we will most likely fail as we have in the past.

We know that excessive weight loss damages our health, disables our bodies and shortens our life span. So, the question is, “Why do we fail year after year?”


The reason is that we often approach our weight-loss programs with gimmicks. We want quick results and tend to believe the unrealistic claims of diet programs, quack foods, no-exercise belts, tights, magnets… whatever outrageous claim dreamed up by some devious marketer.

One of my favorite products is the “Get Slim Slippers.” This is a slipper with embedded magnets with a claim that just wearing this slipper for 15 minutes each day will make your heart beat faster and increase your metabolism. They claim the slipper is based in ancient Chinese “reflexology” therapy and pressure points.

This ranks up there with other products such as the “Neckline Slimmer,” the “Caffeine Tights” (caffeine-infused hosiery), the “Electronic Ab Exerciser” (just strap on the belt and watch your “abs” become ripped), et cetera.


So, what do these products and diet plans have to do with Warren Buffett? Well, one of Warren’s fundamental tenets for investing is “realistic expectations.” He doesn’t have unrealistic expectations when he invests. He carefully looks at the current situation, evaluates the facts, and then develops a “realistic” investment plan. Using these simple methods, he has created investment holdings worth billions of dollars.

You should look at your body in this same way. Your body is by far your most important asset. Recognize that and develop a “business plan” for your life. That involves what you eat, how you exercise, your mental health, how you treat others (the Golden Rule works well) and how you live life with compassion and beauty.


Develop a Body Business Plan. Focus on the Warren Buffet approach of realistic expectation. Set a reasonable, long-term goal for your weight loss. If you set wildly optimistic goals, you will fail, become defeated again, give up and put on more pounds in 2022.

It isn’t easy to set realistic and effective weight-loss goals. If it were, you would have succeeded long ago.

So, I am setting a summer plan for myself and you. I am going to try to focus my next several articles on a weight-loss plan for you in 2022. I will dedicate my next articles on the essentials of your “realistic” weight loss program.

Lastly, don’t forget what Yogi Berra, the philosopher and baseball great, said about planning: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else…”

Phil Carville is a co-owner of the South Yuba Club. He is happy to respond to questions or comments. He can be reached at philc@southyubaclub.com

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