WWE Hall of Famer Edge Teases Retirement Plans After Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has had a new lease on life since January 2020. The Rated R Superstar made his unprecedented return to the ring after nine years on the shelf, competing in the Royal Rumble match and pursuing a singles feud with Randy Orton. While Edge’s comeback tour didn’t start as planned, as his first few one-on-one contests were held in empty arenas, the former WWE Champion has since competed in sold out stadiums against the likes of Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and more. Despite showing no signs of slowing down, the 48-year-old has recently begun to tease hanging up his boots for good.

Last night after Monday Night Raw went off the air, Edge seemingly cemented those plans to the Toronto crowd.

“30 years ago, July 1st, 1992, I had my first wrestling match as Adam Copeland,” Edge said following his singles victory over Damian Priest. “And I knew one day I’d be standing right here in front of all of you. I just knew. What I didn’t dream of is that I’d have to retire for nine years and fight, fight with every fiber of my being to get this back. And all of you are the reason for that. This is a reciprocal relationship. I just stood toe-to-toe with one of the best talents and the future of this industry, Damian Priest.”

Edge’s speech then took a turn, as he alluded to only wrestling once more in his hometown crowd.

“And I can’t wait to do it some more. And I can’t wait to hopefully come back one last time,” Edge continued. “One last time here in Toronto. Looking at the calendar, we usually come here in August. So next August, I plan on seeing each and every one of you. And in a perfect world, we all say goodbye to each other that night.”

If that’s the case, last night’s Raw would have been the unofficial kick off to Edge’s year-long retirement tour. It’s also unclear if Edge’s words indicate he would wrestle once more in Toronto next August but still go on to work shows like Survivor Series and WrestleMania, or if he would retire altogether in The Six when Summer 2023 rolls around.

These hints are retirement align with recent interviews that Edge has given, where he’s noted that he sees the light at the end of the tunnel.


“I am enjoying and soaking in every moment with the complete realization that it’s going to end soon,” Edge said last week. “I know the end is in sight, and I can see it, and because of that, it makes me enjoy it more.”

For now, Edge remains locked in a feud with The Judgement Day.

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