Government to allocate PLN 4.7 bn to support investments, including in nuclear power plant – draft resolution

The government wants to create a multi-annual program (2022-2029) to support investments in the infrastructure of Pomeranian Voivodeship, including the nuclear power plant. A total of PLN 4.7 billion is planned for implementing the program, the draft resolution states.

“The infrastructure investments envisaged by the program are intended to ensure the efficient implementation of the energy infrastructure located in this voivodeship, in particular, the nuclear power plant and the electricity transmission network”, the draft resolution reads.

According to the adopted schedule, construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland will start in 2026, and the first power plant unit with a capacity of approx. 1-1.6 GW will be put into operation in 2033. Subsequent units will be commissioned every two to three years, and the entire nuclear program envisages the construction of six nuclear units with a total installed capacity of about 6 to 9 GW based on large PWR Generation III (+) nuclear reactors.

Source: PAP 

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