Freenock postpones retirement amid manager search

Nancy Freenock



Nancy Freenock is staying on as city manager as the search for the city’s next executive continues.

She had been set to retire as of this Monday but the lack of a replacement is delaying those plans.

“Since a replacement has not been hired, I agreed to remain as city manager until a replacement has been hired, and for up to 30 days beyond his/her starting date in order to have a smooth transition,” Freenock said.

Her retirement agreement was amended by city council to reflect the change.

“Nancy is willing to continue to serve as the city’s manager and the council certainly has the desire for her to continue as well,” Mayor Dave Wortman said. “This is a great benefit to the city. (A)s you know, we have many ‘irons in the fire’ that we want to bring to successful conclusions including the Riverfront Development project and ultimately ensuring a successful transition when it’s time.”

The deadline to apply to be the next manager, according to the job posting on the city’s website, is this Friday.

Among a litany of qualifications is a requirement that the manager live in the city and the posted salary range is $90,000 to $105,000.

Interviews, per the posting, will “commence in September.”

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