How To Find Your Lost iPhone With An Apple Watch…Even In Silent Mode

Misplaced your Apple Inc. AAPL iPhone and can’t seem to find it? Don’t worry. Let this incredible Apple Watch hack come to your rescue and save the day.  

What Happened: It is painfully common to leave your iPhone in one place and forget where you kept it. 

Asking your friends or family members to call you on your iPhone is one way to figure out where the device is. But what if you are home alone and there’s no one can call you on your smartphone, or your iPhone is in Silent mode?

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A YouTube channel named Patrick Rambles, with 86K subscribers, shared a brilliant Apple Watch trick to help iPhone owners find their device even when it is on Silent or Do Not Disturb mode. 

To do this, users just need to do two things: 

Step I: Swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch face to reveal watchOS Control Center.

Step II: Now, just tap the iPhone icon with tiny rings. 

The second step will ping your iPhone — play a sound — so that you can quickly and easily locate it. 

In case you can’t find it even now, there’s one more step you can take: 

Step III (Pro Tip): Press and hold on to the same icon (don’t just tap). 

This step will not only play a sound on your iPhone but also flash its black LED light — pretty useful if you are trying to locate your smartphone when there’s a blackout. 

Watch the steps here: