Go Green Global Technologies Corp. Announces North American Distribution and Manufacturing Agreement With CALCLEAR Investments PTY Limited

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BROOKFIELD, CT / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2024 / Go Green Global Technologies Corp. (“Go Green”) (OTC PINK:GOGR), an innovative company that provides industry-disruptive technology for a variety of water and fuel applications, is pleased to announce an exclusive North American distribution and manufacturing agreement with CALCLEAR Investments PTY Limited, “CALCLEAR”.

CALCLEAR, based in New South Wales, Australia, introduced its water conditioning product in 1997 and has experienced nearly three decades of success in Australia and abroad. The patented CALCLEAR system utilizes microprocessor technology to generate waveforms that treat water passing through a pipe. This process enables the charged water to break down existing scale and mineral deposits on any pipes or equipment connected to the water supply being treated by the CALCLEAR system.

Traditional water softening and descaling methods often involve chemicals, costly and time-consuming maintenance schedules, and inconsistent results. CALCLEAR’s system is simple to install and requires little to no maintenance. CALCLEAR has proven successful in hydroponics and agriculture, where customers report increased mineral uptake, enhanced plant growth, and prolonged equipment life.

The CALCLEAR technology aligns with Go Green’s Sonical™ product line, which the company is continually developing for commercialization. The partnership with CALCLEAR is part of Go Green’s ongoing strategy to form synergistic relationships with other companies producing innovative green technologies.

Through this agreement, Go Green has exclusive license to sell and distribute CALCLEAR products across North America, with the right to manufacture the technology at its Brookfield, CT facility. Commercializing the CALCLEAR product will be achieved through Go Green’s established sales channels in HVAC, plumbing, agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets, all of which seek eco-friendly, affordable, nonchemical water treatment solutions.

Robbie Fayle, inventor and CEO of CALCLEAR comments, “For over 20 years, CALCLEAR has provided sustainable water treatment solutions to commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. With a strong focus on agriculture and hydroponics, the CALCLEAR technology has delivered excellent results in optimizing plant quality and increasing crop yield. We now look forward to working with Go Green to expand our market reach to other industries that can benefit from the CALCLEAR system.”

“We thank Robbie and her team for trusting Go Green to bring this innovative technology to the North American market,” says Corrine Couch, COO of Go Green. “With our shared commitment to sustainability, offering the CALCLEAR fleet of products to our customers is a great first-step in expanding the Go Green’s portfolio of green technology solutions.”

To inquire about CALCLEAR water treatment products for your home or business, get in touch with Go Green at https://gogreen-tech.org/contact-us/

To learn more about CALCLEAR, visit their website at https://calclear.com.au/

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Go Green Global Technologies Corp. is an innovative publicly traded U.S. company that provides a variety of water and fuel technology solutions. Utilizing the proprietary Sonical™ device for both non-chemical water treatment and fuel combustion, Go Green provides global solutions for the automotive, transportation, maritime, and railway industries. The company is a pioneer and leader in the emerging Pulsed-Power technology sector. Since its inception, the company has focused on technologies that lead to a cleaner and more efficient planet.

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