New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – CandleAI, G8Coin, 5th Scape

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Wall Street giants like Wells Fargo and JPMorgan are championing crypto-based approaches to boost institutional adoption, reflecting cryptocurrency’s increased standing in today’s market. Financial institutions are increasingly warming up to digital assets, and investors are following suit.

Furthermore, the current lull allows market participants to update their portfolios. In light of this, InsideBitcoins provides a list of new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales today

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Investors have shown significant interest in the project, contributing a substantial $5,878,274 during its current presale phase. The ongoing presale, which is nearing its target, reflects growing confidence in the project among market participants. 

Furthermore, CandleAI presents an innovative solution to on-chain trading. It leverages millions of data points for rapid decision-making and is powered by automated pattern trading algorithms.

ESM X emerges as a newcomer in the web3 gaming sector, stemming from the established EsportManager (ESM). Building upon ESM’s strong foundation, ESM X endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and web3 while facilitating connections between brands and consumers. Meanwhile, Bitcoin just got a new lawyer.

1. CandleAI (CNDL)

The CandleAI is a trading platform that introduces an automated approach to on-chain trading. To achieve this, it harnesses millions of data points for swift decision-making. Automated pattern trading algorithms power it and pursue profitability with minimal supervision.

Furthermore, the platform uses analytics and real-time on-chain data to construct unique trading algorithms to capitalize on market movements swiftly and accurately. These algorithms execute trades based on identified profitable opportunities, providing users with optimal profit and portfolio tracking features.

The $CNDL token is the backbone of the trading ecosystem, and 90 million tokens are immediately circulating. Allocation-wise, 90% of the supply is in circulation, while 8% is reserved for CEX liquidity and 2% for staking rewards.

The token utility includes liquidity pool staking, revenue sharing, fee-free airdrops, and access to exclusive events. Meanwhile, the tokenomics are engineered to aid stable growth and reward all holders. In addition, a fixed supply is allocated for upcoming Tier 1 CEX listings and staking pool initiation.

Candle’s contract is open-source and audited, ensuring high-security standards. Plus, trading of $CNDL is facilitated on Uniswap V2, with locked liquidity for enhanced trust and security.

With a 5% buy/sell tax split for buybacks, development, and reserve liquidity, the platform actively maintains transparency in fund usage. Moreover, the roadmap outlines a clear trajectory for platform development, including upcoming launches, expansion, and ecosystem enhancement.

In summary, the $CNDL platform actively offers a promising avenue for automated on-chain trading, with a transparent and well-structured ecosystem designed for sustained growth and user benefits.

2. G8Coin (G8C)

The G8Coin Platform is a consolidated infrastructure solution tailored for the blockchain industry. It aims to streamline the development of decentralized applications (Dapps) while addressing prevalent challenges. Furthermore, G8Coin’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) facilitates smart contract integration and reduces development complexities.

G8Coin tackles the limitation of transaction speed inherent in traditional blockchains. Impressively, it boosts the optimal performance of Dapps, particularly in domains like gaming, metaverse, and NFTs. 

Through a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, G8Coin attains a Transaction Per Second (TPS) capacity of over 2000. In addition, it has an average block interval of 3 seconds. This significant enhancement in speed, fortified by a robust security framework maintained through a network of validators, holds promise for Dapp developers seeking to harness the full potential of blockchain technology.

Moreover, G8Coin seeks to establish itself as a premier public blockchain while supporting promising developers and innovative projects. Backed by a vast trading ecosystem, it aspires to serve as a breeding ground for groundbreaking technologies and businesses. It further aims to foster a holistic cycle of technological advancement, application promotion, and trading activities.

Equally, G8Coin’s technical characteristics mirror its commitment to openness and decentralization, ensuring the security of network operations and assets. The platform supports EVM programmability, meta-transaction functionality for gas fee reduction, and cross-chain asset transfer capabilities. These features are all geared towards enhancing user experience and reducing operational costs.


ESM X is a new player in the web3 gaming scene, branching off from the established EsportManager (ESM). Utilizing the ESM’s solid foundation, ESM X aims to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and web3 while facilitating brand-consumer connections. For clarity, the platform boasts over 30,000 players and a robust competitive gaming infrastructure, 

Furthermore, ESM X aims to transition traditional gamers into the Web3 gaming sphere and serve as a conduit for Web3 brands to tap into potential customer bases. This initiative is gaining momentum with the imminent launch of the meme league.

Tournament Nodes are at the core of the platform’s functionality, which manages all on-chain gaming activities and rewards Node operators with ESMX tokens. Additionally, a portion of the income generated from ESM X services will be allocated towards purchasing and immediately burning ESMX tokens.

Plus, the ESMX token serves as the primary currency within the platform. The token facilitates entry ticket purchases, challenge matches, and marketplace transactions. Furthermore, it is the official currency in the forthcoming ESM X play-to-earn (P2E) game.

The distribution of ESMX tokens as rewards for various gaming activities boosts player engagement. A short vesting period encourages staking and mitigates selling pressure. Moreover, holders of ESMX tokens will have the added benefit of utilizing them for payments at Gamerland venues, as the franchise system for the offline gaming venue is set to launch.

4. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

5th Scape aims to provide users with a platform that blends innovation with entertainment. Interestingly, market participants are keying into the project, with $5,878,274 raised in its current presale. The ongoing presale stage has raised substantially, nearing its target, indicating investor interest and confidence in the project.

Meanwhile, 5SCAPE has undergone various pricing stages. The current price of $0.00327 will offer a 205.81% return on the listing price of $0.01. Moreover, it represents a 14%.98 increase on its next price of $0.00376, presenting a window for investors to purchase. 

5SCAPE Coin serves as the primary currency within the 5th Scape ecosystem, facilitating access to premium VR content and unlocking special in-game features. This exclusive currency enhances gaming experiences and fosters a dynamic community within the virtual reality landscape, presenting significant growth potential.

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Furthermore, the VR Ultra headset is central to the 5th Scape experience, which promises heightened immersion. This headset caters to futures like gaming, exploration, or educational pursuits, offering unmatched immersion for users.

5th Scape presents a promising venture within the virtual reality arena, offering innovative technology, immersive experiences, and community engagement. Hence, it aims to redefine how users perceive and engage with virtual worlds through its unique currency system and high-quality VR peripherals.

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