US uses sanctions and dollar as weapon for political goals — Russian Ambassador to China

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BEIJING, July 7. /TASS/. The US and its allies use sanctions and dollar hegemony as weapons to achieve their political goals, Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov said at a panel discussion on the prospects of BRICS at the Global Peace Forum at the Tsinghua University.

“The United States and its allies use illegal unilateral sanctions as a tool of coercion against those, like Russia, who do not agree with the use of the dollar as a weapon to achieve political goals,” the ambassador said.

According to the diplomat, in an attempt to revive the unipolar model of the world order, the West is “creating dividing lines, following the logic of bloc confrontation,” and is “uncompromisingly trying to force the countries of the Global South to take its side.”

Morgulov stressed that Western countries neglect the basic principles of the market economy, free trade and the inviolability of private property.

The Global Peace Forum has been held annually since 2012 by Tsinghua University, one of the leading universities in China and the world. It is attended by diplomats, representatives of government departments and international relations experts from China and other countries.

This year the forum is held on July 5-7, the opening ceremony took place on July 6. The theme of the event this year is “Improving Global Security Governance: Justice, Unity and Cooperation.”.