How to Earn SP in Fire Emblem Engage

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So now that you’re probably really invested in Fire Emblem Engage, you might be wondering how to earn more SP so you can acquire some useful skills for your allies. I mean, there are two ways to do it. The slow and steady way is to keep going through battles, having the characters you want to earn SP participate. That will build up bond levels so you can inherit those skills and get you the currency you need for them to “buy” them. However, there’s also a quicker way involving certain items available.


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How Do I Earn More SP in Fire Emblem Engage?

I mean, the easy answer is to fight battles. Both standard fights and Skirmishes will net the characters participating in them SP. Note that a character must perform an action, like fighting or healing, to earn it. Also, even if they hit their level cap, they can continue to earn SP.

If you take on Gold Skirmishes when you do, you’ll earn extra money. Silver Skirmishes mean extra EXP for the characters fighting foes at the same time. Training Skirmishes mean more money and experience.

But How Do I Earn SP Really Quickly in Fire Emblem Engage?

Okay, well, it sounds like you want the books. There are three tiers of books you can get, and using one automatically gives the character a set among of SP. A Novice Book gives the person 100 SP. An Adept Book gives them 500 SP. If you use an Expert Book on them, they get 1,000 SP.

However, these are rare items that you only acquire under certain circumstances. Fortunately, there are three guaranteed ways to get some.

  • Beat the Game: You get three Adept Books, three Novice Books, and three Expert Books for beating Fire Emblem Engage.
  • Custom Battles Reward: I’ve earned Novice Books without doing anything. If you set up a Custom Battle group and are a Nintendo Switch Online member, you might get the item that automatically bestows 100 SP for a successful defense. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is needed.
  • Relay Trial Reward: Multiple times when finishing a Relay Trial, I’ve ended up with the Novice, Adept, and Expert Books as rewards. I tend to always get at least three Novice Books, one Adept Book, and one Expert Book from each one, alongside items like gifts for characters, ingredients for cooking, and crystals for Emblem weapon enhancements. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is needed

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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