Think Gas to invest in biogas plant

Think gas has invested in CNG gas and domestic PNG supply. The company has shown interest by expanding horizon of investment. The chairman Amitabh Songupta, Founder and CEO Hardeep Singh Rai and Founder and President Marketing Sandeep Trehan were invited as special investors.

Songupta said that in the three districts Bhopal, Rajgarh and Shivpuri city distribution system has been established. Connections for CNG and PNG are been provided, in Bhopal work is under process for the past three years. In the work an investment of Rs 1400 crores  has been made. Under the process 180 km of steel pipe laid for distribution would be started in the next 2 months.

Founder & CEO Hardeep Singh Rai said that they are going to install ‘Biogas’ plant.

Detailing regarding the future developments Founder and President Marketing Sandeep Trehan said that special kind of plants would be planted on barren land to produce ‘green fuel’.

He urged people to take advantage of their investment by taking green fuel connections for industries and domestic purposes and there is also need of making policy for the same.